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Focal length400 mm

LensNIKON 80-400MM F/4.5-5.6D ED AF VR

Exposure ISO 200 - (1/160) at f/6.3


Date posted2011-09-24

Exif dataEXIF data

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cayro - 10-4-11 9:43 AM
Most helpful!
I always tend to use the lowest ISo I can fearing noisy images, but will most definitely take your suggestion for next time!
philcousins - 10-4-11 9:26 AM
Hi a few hopefully helpful comments on this image that may help you improve next time.

Dragons can be difficult to shoot but this image is not very sharp probably due to camera shake as the flower is nt sharp either

According to the exif data the shot was taken at iso200, 400mm f6.3 and 1/160sec.

Even with VR a 400mm shot will not be sharp at 1/160 you need to go a lot higher at least 1/500. I was shooting dragons today at 1/1200sec on a 300mm(no VR) at f11 with a D7000 at 1600iso. I ll post one later so you can see the difference

If the light is nt so good up the iso so you can use a smaller aperture and faster shutter, the D7000 is fine up to 3200iso, at least mine is. Your lens aperture is almost fully open at f6.3 so wont be as good as a smaller aperture, try f8 if possible.

Hope you find this helpful, best wishes Phil