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The Bridge I

walter2 - 01-26-13 2:27 AM
Thank you for your kind comment, chiseeo. The sky was rather overcast with dim fog, so there were no details above the town. I would have liked a dark blue night sky with bright stars, but the weather does not always cooperate with the wishes of a photographer.
Best regards from Norway!
I have photographed on Samos island too. What a beautiful country you live in.
chriseeo - 01-25-13 1:02 PM
This is almost surreal, like Lego! Impressive sharpness and overall quality. Well done.
walter2 - 02-26-12 11:46 PM
Thank you, J. Torralba!
nikonimages - 02-26-12 5:10 PM
This is so cool. I love it! I can just imagine everyone doing their own thing indoors out of the cold.