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Loch Ard, The Trossachs Scotland

photosphere42 - 11-19-22 7:45 AM
Making images is a one on one journey. Make the image like you want to. Nice image.
walter2 - 09-27-16 2:43 AM
I agree that the motive itself is a great capture.

- However, there are a lot of visible artefacts from too much sharpening in Post, mostly on the grass / reed by the small wooden jetty in the foreground, also on the low ridge in the bakground, above the two house-roofs, and in the sky. This should have been dampened down or blurred, to make this an excellent shot.

Best regards,
hys - 09-24-16 12:44 AM
Excellent picture!
terence2 - 09-23-16 5:11 AM
amazing shot
jean-ber52 - 03-12-14 12:27 PM
Excellente image un grand BRAVO Jimmy