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roc97007 - 07-3-14 1:44 PM
Thanks for the comments -- I have an SB700 on order. :-)
akemi-n - 06-29-14 5:50 AM
I agree with Torralba's comments. This is a really nice capture! However, it could benefit from a bit of fill flash. With the Nikon system, the speed light intelligent ttl is wonderful, but a trick I learned is to dial it back -1.7 EV (for outdoor conditions).
jtorral - 06-28-14 7:37 AM
This is good. But I think it would also do you good to have some fill flash in these situations where the face is in shadow. I think one of the speed lights for your Nikon would work wonderfully here with the intelligent ttl. You should give it a try sometime. You will be amazed at the results. Combined with these nice portraits you will have a winner.


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