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Photo: 3863

walter2 - 07-26-15 7:18 AM
Love the ambiance her. Good light and good motive.
miked700 - 12-9-10 6:49 AM
I think it's a great lens (and a great shot btw...), with a lot less ca than the Zeiss 85 that I had, and a slightly different character. Bokeh is very nice, sharpness can't be faulted.

Nice light!
niki rodriguez - 11-11-10 11:26 AM
very nice.
nikonimages - 11-11-10 8:09 AM
This lens has quickly become one of my favorites!
ricardsonwilliams - 09-7-10 9:56 AM
I have a like the D version but... this new lens its very good, I think will more easy to take shots at f1.4. Congrats.
nikonimages - 09-3-10 3:21 PM
Thanks. I was really surprised how well this lens worked. Shooting mainly Zeiss this AF lens will be a welcome addition to the bag.
zblake - 09-3-10 6:08 AM
This is a nice example. Really good feel to the image. And wide open too!
rsolti13 - 09-3-10 5:31 AM
Good to see the new 85 deliver. I have been seeing some samples with nasty bokeh/CA/flaring but I don't see that in your shots. I saw some other posts today and now it has me back to thinking about this lens.