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Photo: 6115

loosbroos - 07-26-13 2:10 PM
stunning shot - love the composition and the edges blending to black - powerful imaging
niki rodriguez - 01-12-11 9:27 PM
incredible image..
miked700 - 01-4-11 1:24 PM
Thanks Fen! Special access, work-in-progress. Subway line to be opened (latest prognosis...) 2017... :-(
fen - 01-4-11 1:18 PM
WOW - Really like this, the atmosphere (lighting) and perspective is excellent.

Did you have special access to this area or is it visible from the public area?
nikonimages - 12-2-10 1:51 PM
I updated your settings to show the film and camera. In case you did not know you can do that, just click on the edit icon on the right side of the page :)
miked700 - 11-21-10 2:12 PM
Thanks! the 24 worked wonders there (1/8 sec). I thought it was a good opportunity to give the old FM2 a work-out.

I was invited by one of the project managers, as one of the hotels I'm a non-exec director of borders on the tunnel trajectory. Probably more or less at this point, 27m's upwards!
shtarka1 - 11-21-10 1:09 PM
Mike, Excellent perspective & PP! How the heck did you get in there?
miked700 - 11-20-10 12:52 PM
Actually FM2, 2.8/24 Ai-S, Delta 3200.