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Jamestown, CA; Cowboy Shooting
Photo By: rbfresno
09-7-17 5:24 AM - Comment by: rbsinto
Of all the photos I've seen on this site, this shot is by far my favorite, and in my opinion one of the very best.
The highest compliment I can pay another photographer about one of their photos is to say " I wish I had taken that", which is what I say every time I view this shot.
It is sharp, well composed, with wonderfully shallow depth of field, and contains all the essential elements. It is an outstanding image.
Photo By: skibek
09-5-17 7:33 PM - Comment by: akemi-n
Wonderful image in every respect. Bravo!
Photo By: walter2
09-4-17 11:38 PM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, photosphere42 - for your kind comment and the well appreciated 'Like' to this image.
Photo By: akemi-n
09-4-17 10:47 AM - Comment by: akemi-n
Hello Walter,

Many thanks for your 'Like' and kind words about this image. I am glad it struck a chord (pun intended) with you! :-)

Best regards,
Photo By: yuriylux
09-4-17 5:08 AM - Comment by: yuriylux
HYS and Walter, thanks for like!
Photo By: yuriylux
09-4-17 5:05 AM - Comment by: yuriylux
Walter, Akemi-n and HYS, thanks for komment and like!
Interior Old Manor
Photo By: walter2
09-3-17 11:31 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you - hys - for your well appreciated *Like* to my image!
(Almost) Complete Stone Circle
Photo By: walter2
09-3-17 11:30 AM - Comment by: walter2
Yuriylux - thank you for the *Like* to this image!
Blue Hour Approaching
Photo By: walter2
08-31-17 9:46 PM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you for both the comment and the *Likes* - hys and yuriylux!
Photo By: plauborg
08-31-17 5:08 PM - Comment by: photosphere42
Nice image.
Photo By: yuriylux
08-30-17 12:02 AM - Comment by: yuriylux
Walter and Qbert, thank you like!
Photo By: walter2
08-29-17 11:41 PM - Comment by: walter2
Thanks for the 'Like' to this image, stevebriant!
Photo By: torralba
08-29-17 12:33 AM - Comment by: walter2
This is what the Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF2 is all about. Sharp where you set the focus and creamy were out of focus, with magical Bokeh!
Partial Solar Eclipse
Photo By: akemi-n
08-27-17 10:53 AM - Comment by: akemi-n

Thank you for your 'Like' of this photo!

Best regards,
Partial Solar Eclipse 2
Photo By: akemi-n
08-27-17 10:53 AM - Comment by: akemi-n

Thank you for taking time to view my images and your 'Like' of this one!

Best regards,
Night Falls Upon Badwater
Photo By: akemi-n
08-27-17 8:06 AM - Comment by: akemi-n

Thank you for your 'Like' of this photo!

Best regards,
Flower Power
Photo By: walter2
08-25-17 6:13 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, hys - for the well appreciated *Like* to this image.
Sunday afternoon
Photo By: hys
08-20-17 9:14 PM - Comment by: hys
Thank you for your *Like* Walter2!
Ring Billed Gull in Flight
Photo By: rbfresno
08-20-17 8:54 AM - Comment by: walter2
Amazing eyes!
Two Pear
Photo By: northwestdavid
08-20-17 2:24 AM - Comment by: walter2
The best ever Still Life image in a long, long time - here at NikonImages.com anyway. Masterly use of light brings out the very best such as the smooth and sleek skin of the fruit. Sharpness, contrast and format to suit the motive. Well composed and an exciting image.
Well done, Northwestdavid!

P.S.: Is this a mirrow you have there or just some plastic foil ... or mey be metal? I see som minute scratches in the shadow area. Tghis does not impair the picture, Just curiosity on my behalve.

Maximum rating - 10 points from me - and I expect this image to become a member of the Hall of Fame - Do you hear, Jorge!


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