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Photo By: akemi-n
10-23-17 7:39 PM - Comment by: akemi-n

Thank you for your 'Like', and very nice comment! I have been truly impressed, with the Df and and Tamron 15-30 combination.

Best regards,
Photo By: photosphere42
10-23-17 7:13 AM - Comment by: terence2
nice capture
Photo By: photosphere42
10-23-17 7:12 AM - Comment by: terence2
love this shot
Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi #1
Photo By: bspea
10-23-17 5:29 AM - Comment by: terence2
Amazing Capture...
October in Norway
Photo By: walter2
10-22-17 7:09 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you - Spasiba! - Yuriylux - for the 'Like' to this image!
"Broon", Northern California Renaissance fair
Photo By: rbfresno
10-22-17 7:01 AM - Comment by: walter2
This person has an anusual appetite. Well executed photo with good composition and ditto exposure. One never knows how it's going to be, when fire is involved in any picture. Here you have a dark bakground just behind the flames, which helps, obviousely. Good shot!!
Rainbow Eastern California
Photo By: rbfresno
10-21-17 10:00 PM - Comment by: allmetro
Photo By: rbfresno
10-21-17 9:58 PM - Comment by: allmetro
Photo By: akemi-n
10-21-17 8:20 PM - Comment by: akemi-n

Thank you for your kind words and 'Like' of this image.

Best regards,
The rock of Gibraltar
Photo By: mr.t
10-21-17 3:50 PM - Comment by: mr.t
terence2 wrote:


Great capture\n\n\nThanx för showing interest in my pick's and thanx for the comment.

// T.
Photo By: akul
10-21-17 3:49 PM - Comment by: terence2
You have captured the beauty of Grand Central Terminal....

Well done..
Photo By: akul
10-21-17 3:47 PM - Comment by: terence2
Wow, I have walked the path hundreds of times....
Really different perspective...
nice shot..
Jumeirah Mosque
Photo By: tahasaifeee
10-21-17 3:44 PM - Comment by: terence2
really cool shot.... I like the composition.
Photo By: akul
10-21-17 3:36 PM - Comment by: terence2
Well done
Photo By: akul
10-21-17 3:32 PM - Comment by: terence2
Interesting view of Grand Central...

Nice Shot.....
Photo By: allmetro
10-20-17 9:35 AM - Comment by: rbfresno
Great catch (for both you and the bird ;-) )
Mr. Rock-Concert
Photo By: walter2
10-19-17 9:45 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, allmetro, for marking my image with you well appreciated 'Like'!
White Rose...
Photo By: nikon_sam
10-19-17 5:45 AM - Comment by: terence2
Photo By: yuriylux
10-18-17 11:19 AM - Comment by: yuriylux
Walter and HYS, thank for comment and likes!
Frog Eye Perspective
Photo By: walter2
10-18-17 10:48 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, allmetro, for marking this image with your 'Like'!