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Old Wooden Houses
Photo By: walter2
04-13-18 11:29 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, Jjpaque03, for your 'Like' as well!
Photo By: yuriylux
04-12-18 10:46 PM - Comment by: yuriylux
Akul and Akemi-n, thanks!
Lying on a park bench
Photo By: mitresg
04-11-18 1:23 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. I was on a park bench, lying on my back, when a black bird landed on the tree. This changed the whole scene in front of me. The bird didn't stay long. I grabbed my camera and shot quickly. The somewhat lack of focus, seems to have added some mystique - I think.
Photo By: dvg
04-10-18 2:44 PM - Comment by: chriseeo
A classic!
Fog by the Sea II
Photo By: walter2
04-9-18 11:12 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, HYS - for your 'Like' to this image!
Changed my mind
Photo By: oldham
04-8-18 5:49 PM - Comment by: photosphere42
Very nice!
Photo By: terence2
04-2-18 5:51 PM - Comment by: terence2

Thank you for the like
Spring Snow
Photo By: terence2
04-2-18 3:52 PM - Comment by: terence2

Thank you for the like..
January Morning by the Pond
Photo By: walter2
03-31-18 3:09 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thanks. oldham - for marking this image with your 'Like'!
F.Y.I.: This is actually a panorama, stitched together of 2 exposures, sideways.
Photo By: tbarker13
03-29-18 5:35 PM - Comment by: terence2
Love this shot
Photo By: chuckn
03-29-18 12:36 PM - Comment by: jjpaque03
Very beautiful
End of days work
Photo By: oldham
03-29-18 5:38 AM - Comment by: terence2
great shot
In the steamtime
Photo By: oldham
03-29-18 5:37 AM - Comment by: terence2
Very well done
Golden age of steam
Photo By: oldham
03-29-18 5:36 AM - Comment by: terence2
Very well done
Sunset and ice
Photo By: dalth500
03-26-18 6:33 AM - Comment by: photosphere42
Very nice image!
Sunset. Kona Hawaii
Photo By: rbfresno
03-25-18 3:59 AM - Comment by: micpic069
A wonderful drama captured here with rich contrasts of tone and colour reminiscent of a High Renaissance pairing.
Bobby Shew
Photo By: rbfresno
03-25-18 12:52 AM - Comment by: micpic069
An excellent capture in the Classic Mode of Jazz lighting, strong contrast, expressive facial expression and beautiful “ bokeh” rendered in the background...high ISO performance impressive does not comprise quality of rendering Memorable
I prefer moonlight over sunlight, dear!
Photo By: walter2
03-24-18 6:53 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, hys and terence2 - this was quite a cute motiv, I passed on my way through the old town. Made it look like moonshine in the night.
Norwegian sunset
Photo By: dalth500
03-24-18 4:31 AM - Comment by: terence2
Sunset over the refinery
Photo By: mitresg
03-23-18 5:39 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Yes, the golden sunset was beautiful, even over a refinery. Given the lighting, my job was relatively easy.

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