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🕐 09-7-18 11:02 AMtorralba
Summer Night in Norway V
Walter. I want o buy a house there :)
🕐 09-7-18 10:53 AMtorralba
Photo - 100369
Awesome shot !
🕐 09-4-18 11:00 AMrbfresno
US Open of Surf -Addriano
Excellent Surfing shot.
🕐 09-3-18 9:00 PMtorralba
Overlooking Post-Sunset colors at Mauna Lani Point, Hawaii
Reminds me of "The Seer" from Cannery row.
🕐 09-3-18 8:58 PMtorralba
Blue Eyes, Blue Hair
Wow. Those eyes are amazing!
🕐 09-2-18 3:24 PMlance b
Photo 100340
Thank you very much for your kind comment, Jorge!
🕐 09-2-18 11:41 AMtcr-images
Photo - 100290
Great macro shot....well captured.
🕐 08-28-18 11:53 AMtorralba
Blood of the Kraken
I like how the sky mirrors the pattern on the ground ( somewhat ). Great!
🕐 08-19-18 12:46 PMroc97007
Photo 100297
Very nice shot! The girl's pose is perfect.
🕐 08-13-18 11:15 PMwalter2
Photo 7533
Thank you all, and HYS especially for 'Liking' this image!
🕐 08-13-18 5:32 PMtorralba
Photo 26047
Nice. Have any recent shot of her? These go back 6 years.
🕐 08-13-18 10:59 AMtorralba
Photo - 100294
I like the separation created by the fog and the way the colors stand out against a neutral background.
🕐 08-12-18 2:16 PMtorralba
Photo - 100240
Woa. Guy is flying!
🕐 08-7-18 7:46 PMmitresg
Approaching storm
I like to add that I rather like the effects and moods of this picture. It had been underexposed drastically to achieve this. Walter, I would still like to have your expert comment.
BTW. This picture had been submitted, not dumped.
🕐 08-7-18 6:53 PMmitresg
Seafront in the Morning
Walter. I admire your pixel-perfect pictures as usual. I am sure you have taken years to perfect it. I also have been taking pictures since the early 80s. So the mediocre pictures of mine are my expressions, though they might not be as good as yours. I have also been a member of Leicaimages for over 3 years, having dumped over 1500 pictures over that period.
Please stay and continue you good work. I have dumped my last picture onto the Nickon site. Good bye.
🕐 08-7-18 4:05 AMwalter2
Crossing the Bridge
We have to increase our engagement here a lot with lots of colorful images to "balance" out this overflow of "the other kind", Yuriy - that is all we CAN do ....
Thank you for Your support!
🕐 08-6-18 12:26 PMwalter2
CIS plays Mozart
Thank you, hys - for the 'Like' to my image!
🕐 08-6-18 12:25 PMwalter2
Free as a Bird!
Thank you, Yuriylux - for the 'Like' to this one!
🕐 08-3-18 12:25 PMmicpic069
Botanic Garden
Lovely to see Ilford Pan F image again ! You have done well in managing the contrast.
Zooming in on image reminded me of Michelangelo Antonioni’s fin “ Blow Up”
Thoroughly enjoy your images !
🕐 07-24-18 1:53 AMswanny
Photo 100255
By: swanny
Branklin garden Perth Scotland