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🕐 05-30-18 7:28 AMtorralba
Photo 25174
Wow. Amazing legs. Steaming hot!
🕐 05-29-18 8:21 PMtorralba
Photo 21847
Adorable !
🕐 05-28-18 7:38 PMmitresg
Than you. Shot at ISO3200, I was trying to keep shadow details; highlight blown-out a bit. But it seems OK, at least in this pic.
🕐 05-28-18 6:41 AMshaunacj0nes
Walking Into Sunset
I actually really like this photo being in black and white. It gives a real taste of mystery.
As for the photo, it tells a story which gives you so many questions as an onlooker to keep you looking at it for a little while. I look forward to seeing more like this.
🕐 05-24-18 2:55 PMtorralba
Photo 100036
By: ck
Beautiful serene soothing image. Love the soft light.

Looks a lot like Oregon :)
🕐 05-24-18 6:18 AMterence2
Photo 19236
By: elkie
Amazing Shot...Bravo
🕐 05-22-18 10:22 PMtorralba
Beautiful Walter. As always, great capture!
🕐 05-22-18 1:57 AMmitresg
Night scene on a side walk
Thank you. Came out well with HP5 N+2.
🕐 05-20-18 12:46 PMstevebriant
Thanks for the like mitresg.
🕐 05-14-18 3:41 AMwalter2
Open up Wide?
Thank you, hys - for the 'Like' to this image!
🕐 05-11-18 7:08 AMstevebriant
Wavy Gavy
Thanks Akul.
🕐 05-10-18 6:15 PMakul
Morning in the park
Beauritul capture. It has the slight IR shot look, which makes it very interesting.
🕐 05-9-18 6:48 AMwalter2
Come on, I'll fight you!
Thank you, hys - for your ever so kind *Like* to my image of this actor - The Viking reenactment happens every summer, here in my neighboring hometown, where contestants from all over Europe gather for a week. This one here, is taking his role 100% serious.
🕐 05-5-18 10:30 AMwalter2
Thank you, both - hys and Yuriylux - for marking this image with a 'Like' and for the kind comment!

Best regards,
🕐 05-5-18 2:41 AMwalter2
Viking Chief
Thank you, hys! These are participants in a Viking Reenactment festival that goes on every summer here where I live.
🕐 05-4-18 11:42 AMakul
Photo 43519
By: akul
Thank you !
🕐 05-4-18 6:43 AMwalter2
Viking Swords and armor
The swords are of course handmade and forged in steel and decorated with bronze, afterwards. Thank you for the 'Like' to this image, hys!!
🕐 05-4-18 6:40 AMwalter2
B&W Viking Chief
Thank you, hys - for marking this image with your well appreciated 'Like'!
🕐 04-28-18 7:20 AMterence2
Photo 43485
By: akul
Great shot... I like the Compostion.
I love NY in the rain.
🕐 04-27-18 4:24 PMmitresg
Early morning in a mall
Thank you. Caught the morning light from the high sun-roof, and of course, the girl.