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🕐 08-6-18 12:25 PMwalter2
Free as a Bird!
Thank you, Yuriylux - for the 'Like' to this one!
🕐 08-3-18 12:25 PMmicpic069
Botanic Garden
Lovely to see Ilford Pan F image again ! You have done well in managing the contrast.
Zooming in on image reminded me of Michelangelo Antonioni’s fin “ Blow Up”
Thoroughly enjoy your images !
🕐 07-24-18 1:53 AMswanny
Photo 100255
By: swanny
Branklin garden Perth Scotland
🕐 07-22-18 10:39 PMyuriylux
Gong Bei
The plot is very beautiful, but it was not worth correcting the distortion in the program, from this edge the images look ugly. It's better to do it manually.
🕐 07-20-18 9:19 AMtorralba
Photo 42763
This is amazing. The lighting is just out of this world!
🕐 07-20-18 5:20 AMdalth500
Photo 100218
WOW - I love the concept and composition!!!
🕐 07-20-18 4:17 AMmitresg
The playground thru an obstacle course
I saw this rugged path to the playground. Not sure which is the focus? But each one is important. Good or not, it is interesting.
🕐 07-20-18 3:59 AMmitresg
Photo - 100242
Thank you. I wondered myself. There is a half-hidden figure behind her too. But, generally I shoot for the picture content, and won't scratch my head for too long. Just a bit.
🕐 07-20-18 3:55 AMmitresg
A stony garden path
Than you. I like black and white images, particularly those from the masters, who emphasise on contents.
🕐 07-15-18 9:14 PMtorralba
Photo 25208
Interesting shot. Has the fair happened yet this year?
🕐 07-4-18 11:14 PMwalter2
"Long Shadows" Midsummer's in Norway
Thank you, guys, for the 'Like' and also for the kind comment from micpic069 and yuriylux! The month of June is special to us Norwegians, as the evening light lasts until midnight - so we have a long photo-day!
🕐 07-3-18 9:43 AMdalth500
Cod heads drying
Traditional Norwegian freeze dry technique for cod heads - after they are dry they will be finely ground. for use as a flavoring for fish soups - it is a very ingenious method! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look
🕐 07-2-18 11:11 AMdalth500
Photo - 100134
Interesting bokeh - I have this lens but have not used it much on digital bodies- Nice inspiration!
🕐 07-1-18 1:12 PMterence2
Buddy Hoagies music corner
That sounds so Cool.... Great atmosphere....
🕐 06-29-18 5:30 AMterence2
Photo - 100145

Thanks for the like.
🕐 06-28-18 5:47 AMterence2
Photo - 100129
The Odd Couple
🕐 06-25-18 2:00 PMtorralba
Photo - 100139
surreal. love it!
🕐 06-24-18 10:31 PMlance b
Photo 100136
Thank you very much, Terence2!
🕐 06-19-18 7:57 AMtorralba
Photo - 100118
Great capture. Love it.
🕐 06-19-18 7:07 AMwalter2
Photo - 100117
Thank you - Yuriy - for the 'Like' to this image!